Violin Gliss

Solo violin playing glissando textures at various speeds.

The story

Recorded in raw form for daily use for addition and beautification, Violin Gliss serves to perfect hit points or textures in your compositions.

The story is very simple, seeing the need for more raw sounds for the soundtracks productions, Fernando decided to record with his heroic violin Eagle, a series of basic movements that would strengthen this utility.

Reviews for Violin Gliss

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  • Awesome dry string glissando effects

    Four patches, one multi, and just one concept - glissandos! The sounds are very dry which is fantastic, which means they will take effects the best way possible. They are sampled super nicely and really, you won't find anything similar even in premium instruments. I am not sure why they are split into so many patches though. It might have been just a ltitle more convenient if they were combined in one patch, split across the entire keybed.

    Alex Raptakis31 October 2021
  • Very Unique Fx

    These are some pretty unique orchestral effects that for me sound like they're most applicable to horror or creepy genres. Many of them have an extremely bright spine tingling sound which i think would work really well in these genres. I can't see myself using these sounds very often but if i ever do some horror work who knows. You could also go crazy with 3rd party effects and turn these into anything you want. Although this library didn't immediately inspire me its good to have these kinds of sounds lying around and it was a great idea to put them into a sample pack

    septemberwalk30 October 2021
  • Fun string glissandi

    These samples are certainly specific, and they're not going to be something you use every day, unless your main thing is horror or slapstick, but they're certainly useful in those situations. I appreciate that the samples are presented dry and unprocessed as that gives user the maximum flexibility when using them. they're so specialized that it they're going to need to fit into a mix rather than having a track built around them, so this was an excellent choice by the samplist. These are great samples, and AFAIK, a completely unique offering on the PB website.

    Sam Ecoff03 November 2021