The story

While clearing out my parents loft I discovered my old Tascam Portastudio, still in perfect working order. Trying to find a use for it, I sampled all 88 keys of my Yamaha U3 piano and pitched them up using the pitch speed knob. The result is a lo-fi rinky-dink piano sound familiar from 60s recordings like ‘In My Life’ by the Beatles ‘See Emily Play’ by Pink Floyd and pastiches like ‘Your Gold Dress’ by Dukes of Stratosphear.

Reviews for Varispeed Mono Piano

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  • Nice work but

    I realy like its sound. But maybe about 30ms of almost dead air at the samples starts are a little bit too much for the playability. You can solve that at the mix by offsetting the MIDI but it would be great to have a kind of choice in the GUI: with or without dead air.
    Actualy I've modified the instrument to shift the non-reversed samples start points with the MW (but without a knob in the GUI as I know almost nothing about Kontakt scripting :-) )

    FLH310 June 2023