The story

In 2023, amidst the atmospheric ambiance of an abandoned house frozen in time since the 1930s, we embarked on a cinematic journey to capture sounds for a film score. While the interior remained untouched, the exterior unveiled a tapestry of discarded treasures amidst the remnants of fly-tipping—a serendipitous playground for our creative pursuits.

Unwanted Objects (Lite) curates the percussive symphony we unearthed during our exploration: resonant clangs of radiators, rhythmic beats of barrels, metallic clinks of pots and pans, and the hollow thuds of plastic containers—each object bearing the weight of its own untold story. Recorded with precision on a Zoom H8, these samples have already found their place in various projects, serving as the foundation for captivating compositions.

This marks merely the inception of our sampling odyssey. As we delve deeper into the manipulation of our source material, we endeavor to sculpt grooves and extreme warps, fostering a realm of boundless experimentation.

The library categorizes these hits into three distinct sections—Low, Mid, and High—each boasting 3 round robins and velocity layers, allowing for dynamic percussive arrangements. Adjustments to the overall volume and panning of each section can be effortlessly made within the interface, affording meticulous control over the sonic landscape.

Moreover, Unwanted Objects (Lite) offers a myriad of customizable effects and settings:

SHAPE: Tailor the attack, infuse saturation, and apply compression to sculpt the sound to your liking.
ENTOMB: Embrace the depths with Low and High Pass Filters, seamlessly integrating the sound into the sonic tapestry.
DELAY: Fine-tune the Time, Depth, and overall Mix of the delay effect, with the option to bypass for clarity.
VOID: Immerse your sound in the ethereal realms of reverb, adjusting the Delay, Size, and Stereo properties with precision, complemented by a bypass function for pristine clarity.


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