The story

This pad is made by ultra-processing my Ye Oldee Piano (see Pianobook)

Try layering the Ultra Ambient Pad with the original Ye Oldee Piano,
or play it on it’s own as a deep lush ambient pad.

And as my mother always said “You can never have too many ambient pads”.

Reviews for Ultra Ambient Pad

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  • Great!

    I really like it, it is smooth and inspiring

    PMB_Sound06 July 2023
  • One of the smoothest pad I've heard!

    Really, it's so smooth I want to play on it all day! It can create very dreamy soundscapes and in my opinion it backs up mallets very nicely, especially with the glockenspiel! Sadly there are no options to mess with such as ADSR controls, but the sound is trully good without them anyway. Also the samples seem not to loop - if you hold them they will just fade away - very slowly though.

    Alex Raptakis27 October 2021
  • Vibey Pad

    This pad is super vibey, its lush and mellow but its not too bottom heavy either which is a really nice balance. Theres a subtle vibrato or modulation that happens within the sound which keeps it really interesting. It almost sounds like a church organ a little bit. I think this pad is so versatile and can be used from hip hop to scoring and anything in-between that calls for a pad. It also has a very outer space quality which is awesome. It definitely would have been nice to have ADSR but its still a great pad all the same.

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • There's ambient and then there's this...

    The sound quality is quite noisy however there is a gorgeous lush sound in this instrument that's too good not to take advantage of. The ambience is amazing!

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Smooth and lovely pad

    This pad is smooth and has a silky quality to it almost like bowed glass. The release is really long, but that can be adjusted within Kontakt. I'm generally not a fan of samples which have copious amounts of reverb applied to them which can't be removed, but in this case, I think it works. This is really fun and a worthy download!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 30 October 2021
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