The story

This is my first library I have ever made. I wanted it to be simple and easy to use.

I always love combining sounds. I thought it would be fun to create a cute but also mystical and chaotic instrument, so st first I grabbed my ukulele and an ultra thick Jaketto pick.
The reason I used this plectrum is I wanted a more definite attack but without a harsh bite. I used an Aston Origin condenser microphone for the datailed sound, but the other instruments were recorded through line in.
I missed a little metalic sound, which obviously the nylon strings don’t have, so I hid 2 layers of electro-acoustic kalimba into the mix.
I finally had a nice plucking sound with the overtones of the kalimba, but I wanted more. I wanted to create an apocalyptic roar as the end of the notes.
Which instrument has one of the wildest sound in the industry? The low tuned distorted guitar… So what you hear in the end of the notes are 3 layers of a 7 string Solar A2.7 guitar with some feedback from the speakers which were generated with wild wide vibrato and subsequently added -2 octaves with pitchshifter effect.
The last part was to mix these sounds to create something I wanted to hear and set the pitches one by one. It is only 37 notes… C4 is in the center and +-18 semitones right and left paned symmetric with Cynematics’ SPACE Lite reverb for more ambient type of sound. If you reduce the release time you can give back some reverb on the control panel!

If you can use it to create something or just haveing fun with this library, it reached its goal!



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