The story

A haunting creation from the depths of the ocean that will send shivers down your spine. Inspired by the mysterious and eerie sounds of the deep sea, this sampler captures the essence of an unexplored world, teeming with life forms that are both fascinating and terrifying.
With its haunting melodies and spine-tingling harmonies, this sampler will take you on a journey to the depths of the ocean, where strange creatures lurk in the shadows and where the sound of the waves can be both soothing and unsettling. From the haunting whale calls to the eerie creaks of a sunken ship, this instrument captures the essence of the ocean in all its glory and darkness.

Reviews for Tones From The Deep

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  • This is a unique idea and it's well executed

    I can't wait to play this through a really good playback system. There's a lot happening on the low end. It's a huge sound with great depth. It's a warm sound with a dark feeling. Most people don't make music that could make use of this but for people looking to score a dark moment in a film, you might just reach for this.

    Gabriel V10 March 2023
  • Gnarly

    The amount of mood given from just 2 samples is incredible. Love it.

    Pumpkinhead909210 March 2023
  • Textural Tones

    These two contrasting sounds compliment each other well. I might be missing something but being able to play both at once would be good as they seem to occupy different area of the keyboard. Phaser is nice.