Toilet Lid Drone

A melancholic toilet lid!...

The story

Not much explanation is needed I think.

The toilet lid in our bathroom has started singing to us in a melancholic way.

It’s especially audible in the dead of night and has snuck into dreams as the distant fog horn of a tanker ship lost in fog.

NB: The RAW file was recorded with a fruit based mobile device, then with some rudimentary NR and splosh turned into this here drone. RAW file included if you want a play from scratch.


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  • This Toilet Lid Drone isn't Poop! Sorry

    One of the most unexepected sound on Pianobook. I remember downloading it in order to convert it to DecentSampler, I was like "Uhh Toilet Lid? Ok, sure, why not?" and then was very surprised by the tonal quality of it. Add some dark and long reverb to it and you have the perfect sound for a distant creepy pad. Test it, and you won't go to the toilet alone at night anymore...

    Fred Poirier16 October 2021