The story

What do you think about when you hear rain and thunder? How do you feel about it? Huge, powerful, beautiful, mysterious? Well, I decided to capture a part of my similar thoughts and feelings by recording a thunderstorm and making interesting textural sounds out of it, in each of which anyone can find something of their own, some kind of shade, feeling, or atmosphere…


Spaceman’s Notes


Reviews for Thunder

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  • An inspirational mood enhancer

    Awesome set of samples, with lots of character and some great options in the UI to either enhance the tone or pair it back to something more simple. Personally, I search for these sounds all the time and find variations of them just about everywhere. They play perfect for specific moments -usually important moments, and I love having a massive grab bag of different ways to get them.

    This specific instrument is easy to use, the tones are pretty clean and are great for layering, there's even some awesome pitchy undertones to help fill things out if you want. The low end has a nice rumble and the highs are clean with good character and harmonic distortion to work with. Awesome instrument, thanks for making this!

    mrmoviephone11 January 2023