The story

This piano used to belong to the Swedish Broadcast corporation.
I bought it back in 2010 when they were relocating studios.
Over the years the piano has been used in endless productions, but right before I got it
The Malmo Opera house used it for choir practice.

In 2019 the family and I moved homes and I moved studios.
To make bookkeeping easier we hired different companies to move our stuff.
One for the family and one for the studio.
Little did we know.

Moving our personal belongings went great.
The studio, not so great.
To cut a long and teared eyed story short.
They managed to not only destroy some of the new property I’m renting but also a lot of my studio equipment including the piano.
Insurance did kick in and most of the stuff has beed fixed, but the piano is still not fully restored.
For the last ten years I’ve used it as my main compositional tool and It’s been featured in the tv-shows I’ve scored.
Now I wish I’d sampled it more carefully.

I’m not sure how to proceed with the restoration.
If I should throw the money at restoring it or if I should find a new piano.
Every time I lay my hands on it it feels like home but at the same time I feel sad that it’s broken.
I know it’s just wood and metal, but still.
Funny thing how an instrument can evoke feelings.

About the Kontakt instrument.
Most of the time I send the piano though a plate reverb, a Stocktronics rx4000.
Sometimes I run it through different effects to create a more ambient texture.
Included are IR samples and two effects layers you can access with the modwheel.
There’s also a sustain pedal script that bypasses the release samples when the pedal is engaged.

Anders Wall


Reviews for The Hoffman

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  • One of the best

    Amazing job on this. Its a joy to play. No noise or artifacts, the velocity layers are just perfect

    Alex07 December 2023
  • There's something magic about this one

    This is one of my all time favourite instruments from Pianobook, it's been a part of my template ever since I tried it out, and it was a really important part of my first game soundtrack. The subtle pad attached to the mod wheel is fantastic as well and really creates some great vibes. This is a really special one.

    hewwagner22 October 2021
  • A lovely intimate, characterful piano

    I've used this piano on several projects this year. It has a really nice, intimate vibe and is full of character. I find it really playable, and the reverb, options to adjust the stereo field and effects layer are really useful too. Many thanks, Anders!

    mlbarkerdotme15 October 2021
  • Wonderful simply wonderful

    Moved with this beautiful instrument to leave my first review.
    From the first notes I was so affected by the tone. What warmth, such a delicate and soulful character. And that reverb deftly introduced adds that wonderful haunting space I search for.
    Played for ages through the evening with the rain and wind outside and had such an emotional and inspiring time.

    Thank you so much, I hope you restored this Anders, this piano has given so much.

    Rubin15 February 2022
  • A very mellow piano

    This piano has an excellent tone that makes you want to curl up by a nice fire and read a book. Perfect for certain types of pieces. Bravo.

    lukevaljean29 September 2022
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