The Glass

An elegant harp-like instrument made from an elegant crystal glass....

The story

It is one of my favourite instruments of the last months. I’ve used it in several soundtracks, combining it with harp, with xylophone, with the real harp and classical guitar. Very soon some of my pieces will be performed with a symphonic orchestra and we’ll use this sound in life performances, too.

So… It is a few-minutes instrument made out of several samples of an old soviet crystal glass. An empty glass was standing on my table giving out very nice sounds when I used to graze it unintentionally by my hand, so I decided that this glass must become the part of an art.

I’ve sampled it with two mics on different distances – with Neumann KMS-105 and the cheapest mic ever occurred in my hands – Shure 14A (I’ve never bought it, but an Internet says it costs about 15 USD… I’ve ‘stolen’ this mic from a studio of my friend in 2004 to use as a talkback mike but at some moment I’ve mentioned that the low vocals and even acoustic guitar very often sound even more reach rather then into Neumann Gefel CMV-563 or something else quite expensive… It sounds much better then 57 or 58. I do really don’t know how could other exemplars of Shure 14A sound, but exactly this one sounds very amazing and I use it quite often as a pair to vintage mics… In Internet everyone says that it’s the worst (even – worstEST) mike they ever tried… You know, I’ve made experiments, blind tests with quite known musicians and engineers – we’ve recorded male vocals on several expensive valve mics and on this Shure… and most of them have rated it higher then other really expensive mics… I write this and still don’t trust myself too much. Probably, someone in China at the beginning of 00’s has made several perfect dynamic Shure’s by a mistake, but later they’ve caught their mistake and fixed it starting making normal chinese shitty mics… who knows…)

It’s strange that the glass didn’t change its pitch when I added water into it, but it has changed the main pitch depending on the place of striking it.


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  • Crystal Clear

    Its really crisp and clean. E3 and E4 seem to be playing the same sample making one of them an octave too high.

    NemoralisMusic13 October 2021
  • Nice bell sound

    Nice bell sound with a little bit of character. I would still suggest adding FX delay, reverb, phase, etc to see where that leads you with this sound. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021