The Empty Kitchenshelf – BottleEnsemble/Organ

A church organ made from beer bottles...

The story

I was thinking how can i create a church organ out of nowwhere…
i could buy a sample library…
but then i thought…
how about building it myself?

So i took 8 different bottles out of my kitchenshelf and 2 different size beer bottles
and recorded me blowing them like a whistle so that the microphone would stand right infront of my virtual organ.
I started in the middle in front of the mic with the lowest and bassy sounding bottles first
and changed position slowly to the left and right sides.
Then i did it the other way around to have a different shape.
I also recorded dampened versions of both to have a more calm sound option.

I designed the instrument, so that there will be different multi – racks in kontakt to choose from
and also that you can change the sound by leveling and tuning the different voices/bottles:
-Open (Openly played)
-Closed (Dampened with my hand)
-Halfmuted (only 4 Voices)
-Top/Bottom Closed (half of the voices open half closed)


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  • There is A LOT going on here!

    Like, seriously. Instead of single instrument patches, you will find a ton of multis instead, and each multi has either 4 or 8 patches! The samples are good, with little noise, but if you solo some you might notice some noise cracks, bad loop cuts, or just uneven pitches. All together each multi offers a slightly different sound signature which they can mostly be described as a very, very airy organ. It's pretty damn interesting though if you think that this is not an organ, but just a combination of stuff found in a kitchen...

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021