The story

I was thinking how can i create a church organ out of nowwhere…
i could buy a sample library…
but then i thought…
how about building it myself?

So i took 8 different bottles out of my kitchenshelf and 2 different size beer bottles
and recorded me blowing them like a whistle so that the microphone would stand right infront of my virtual organ.
I started in the middle in front of the mic with the lowest and bassy sounding bottles first
and changed position slowly to the left and right sides.
Then i did it the other way around to have a different shape.
I also recorded dampened versions of both to have a more calm sound option.

I designed the instrument, so that there will be different multi – racks in kontakt to choose from
and also that you can change the sound by leveling and tuning the different voices/bottles:
-Open (Openly played)
-Closed (Dampened with my hand)
-Halfmuted (only 4 Voices)
-Top/Bottom Closed (half of the voices open half closed)

Reviews for The Empty Kitchenshelf – BottleEnsemble/Organ

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  • An interesting organ

    I love the concept behind this sample library. I also really love the imperfections in pitch and tone. They're really great and musical. It's an interesting concept to make a bunch of fairly simple instruments and then treat each one like a rank of pipes in a multi. It's simple and it works well, but it left me wondering if perhaps there isn't a better way to accomplish that with a GUI that allows you to bring in each of the 11 "ranks" of "pipes" with "stops" or maybe even virtual drawbars. Many of these sounds are indeed pipe organ like. Many also reminded me of the bell sounds produced by some of the Ensoniq synths from the early 90's. It's worth noting that the sounds all seem to be positioned an octave lower on the keyboard than you might expect, but that's really not a big deal. This is a great library and a worthy download.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021
  • Bottle Goodness

    These patches have that unmistakable glassy bottle sound that is always really interesting to me. I like it a lot. You get alot of different patches and multis in here so theres alot of opportunity for mixing and matching sounds. There are some pitch inconsistencies but it doesn't take anything away from the instrument. In most cases it adds character. it would be nice to have kind of an interactive GUI like ive seen on other piano book libraries where you can blend the different sounds right within one nki. Still this is a really creative and well made instrument.

    septemberwalk09 November 2021
  • There is A LOT going on here!

    Like, seriously. Instead of single instrument patches, you will find a ton of multis instead, and each multi consists of either 4 or 8 patches! If you are curious enough to solo some patches, you might notice some noise cracks, weird loop cuts, or just uneven pitches. But don't let that turn you away. All together each multi offers a slightly different and unique sound signature which they can mostly be described as a very, very airy organ. It's pretty damn interesting though if you think that this is not an organ, but just a combination of stuff found in a kitchen...

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021