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Now features processed versions of original samples organised in individual patches for more chaos!

The Death Plate has been featured in numerous horror scores, renowned for its ability to produce gritty, dark, and almost untamed sounds. Crafted in 2019 by Avro Pvrt, a French “noise expert,” it was initially tailored for experimental or noise music but found its place in the realm of horror scores.

The Death Plate is a unique instrument housed within a box, its top plate constructed from metal. Inside, three contact microphones are strategically positioned on the metal surface, capturing a diverse range of frequencies. These microphones capture bass tones, high frequencies akin to wind-like whispers, and the subtle nuances of parasitic sounds. Atop the plate is a string system and springs, enabling the addition of guitar or bass guitar strings, or even piano wire, to customize the sound to your desired effect. Complementing these features are a set of small brushes affixed to the plate, capable of producing eerie noises and textures.

This marks just the beginning of the instrument’s sampling journey. As we delve deeper into experimentation and creation, our aim is to expand our repertoire of samples and further manipulate them to produce even more thrilling ‘noise’ and features.

The “Hits & Scrapes” collection offers the following raw sounds:

Purple Notes: Hits – where the plate is struck using various implements such as beaters, wood, hands, and sticks, resulting in a spectrum of timbral hits.

Green Notes: Scrapes – where the plate is ‘scraped’ using friction beaters, bows, wood, and sticks, generating an array of scraping sounds.

Additionally, we offer a set of Raw Textures:

Featuring 12 extended scrapes, providing all the background ‘noise’ and ‘disturbance’ you could want, each with a different tone and character. These textures have been created using friction beaters and bows across the plate, with different materials attached or positions changed.

Furthermore, the Death Plate features four adjustable settings:

DIRT: Adds warmth and saturation to the sound.
ENTOMB: Applies a low-pass filter that effectively ‘buries’ the sound.
SCREAM: Introduces massive distortion.
VOID: Incorporates reverb and spatial depth into the sound.


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