The story

Harsh, clanky, and aggressive as all hell.

This instrument was the first I ever built (2020), and was the first pack I sold via my old website. It sold decently well, but with so many great packs available nowadays, it seemed futile to still charge for it.

Before selling this bass guitar, I sampled it for all it’s fret-buzz magic so that I could keep it in my pocket.
I’d used this bass on many albums, and over time it had degraded slightly, but still maintained a great gnarly tone when I used it on Metal albums.

Sampled from an active 4-string bass guitar, in a series of 2 round-robins, and with 3 different
velocity layers. The samples were run through distortion and amplifiers, giving you an evil sounding Metal Bass Guitar. The 3rd velocity layer holds the most clank, but has only one RR.

The instrument features a “DI Signal Blend” knob, and a 3 band EQ. The DI Signal blend allows you to
blend in as much of the original DI samples as you need to achieve your desired level of girth and clankiness. The 3 band EQ gives you the range in tone you might need for differing styles of Metal and Rock.

See the tutorial video below on how to get the best sound out of this aged beast.


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