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Sample Pack Name :- Textures

Name :- The-Architect

Story :-

Textures contains sampled Electric Guitar (a 7 String Jackson Dinky), Picked and Bowed along with other sampled sources like running faucet water, air, AC, etc. All processed through pedals and plugins to create interesting and usable sounds. Below is an instrument level breakdown.


String Waves – Sounds were created by bowing my electric guitar and adding a ton of processing (verb, multiplier, etc.) to the signal. The patches are equivalent to Olafur Chamber Evos patches (Longest, Shortest, Long, Short). Press once and release.

Pads – 15 pads sources that were created using the bowed guitar, synths, and other source samples mentioned above. Combine multiple pads and adjust individual volumes to create your own pads.

Bowed Strings – Same as String Waves except free flowing and controlled through expression controller.

Bass – Created using the same bowed samples above and then sequenced with different patterns.

Combis – 5 patches, each containing 5 layers of sounds (pads, textures, pulses, bass, etc), that can each be panned, volume controlled and soloed and muted separately.

I hope you enjoy using these sounds as much as I had fun making them over the past couple of months. Cheers!


Pankaj Dhyani


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  • Freakin' Awesome!

    Just started using it. Absolutely usable in every way and it just cuts enough while still staying ambient.

    Alan Veucasovic05 November 2023

    u just made my search for future garage pads END and i LOVE YOU

    Levran09 July 2023
  • Absolutely evolving

    Beautifully constructed pads and atmos sounds. Very playable. I LOVE U TOO (like Levran)...

    Hombre Cangrejo09 July 2023
  • Land of the elves

    Genius, very beautiful work...A rich palette that allows you to enrich your compositions... thanks

    loulou22 April 2023