The story

There is a slovakian tea liqueur, which is called Tatratea. It is a strong, but tasty drink which with I have good and funny memories.
The strongest one tastes like the fire of hell. It tempts you with a sweet scent, then burns.
So I have several empty bottles at home (didn’t drink it alone!!!!). I grabbed one of them, and started to record. I used my Aston Origin condenser microphone. Opened the bottle and hit the bottom of it with my finger and with a steel cup the side of it. This is basically the “Glass” sound. The “Wind” was created the classic way… I blowed air into the bottle, then tuned to C like the Glass tracks before.
While testing I made a familiar sound from one of my favourite horror movies, Hellraiser. In low register it sounds like the bells what you can hear in the first movie, when Kirsty summons the cenobites. This is why the graphic designe based on Hellraiser… “The Priest” looks at the unholy Leviathan (aka Tatratea).

The Modwheel on MIDI devices work as a mix or blend control between the two tracks, “Wind” and “Glass”.
I used latin to name the controls because of the religious feeling.


Ventus – Winds
Vitrum – Glass
Impetum – Attack
Dimittis – Release
Repetere – Repeat
Tempus – Time
Mora – Delay
Repercussu – Reverb

P.S.: lowest C-D-E contains easter egg records.



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  • My cup of tea.

    Absolutely LOVE this one. A great tuned percussive instrument with a fun GUI.

    Mike Black Box31 January 2023