The story

Basically, as the name suggests, I sampled my table lamp. It was playing almost perfect F# so there was no need to even tune it!
Enjoy this small but IMO pretty interesting sounding SFZ library.

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  • A mallet-like lamp? Yes, please!

    I really did not expect to listen to such a beautiful sound coming off of a lamp. To me it sounds something between a celeste and a glockenspiel. The sampling is phenomenal, I can't find any noise happening at all, but it's not very dynamic, and the very low keys sound kind of stretched and unnatural. The rest seems really nice to me! It also comes in a Kontakt patch which is not labeled in the thumbnail.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Handbells!

    What a fun and musical library this is! It's well recorded and very playable. It sounds very much like handbells to my ears. The sounds are delicate and evoke lots of images of Christmas. So often metal found sounds have tons of unwanted harmonics, but this is so pure sounding and awesome! It makes the library really playable. Great work here!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021
  • Very clear resonant sound

    Although this download size is super small and it doesn't seem like there are round robins or dynamic layers, its a surprisingly usable sound. It feels like a bell type instrument and it has a really clear tone without too much going on in the sound. Round robins and dynamic layers would really bring this thing to life but for such a small instrument its already really nice the way it is. Again the tone is really clear and awesome so i think theres potential to dive deeper into this

    septemberwalk09 November 2021