The once every 17 year sound of Brood X Cicadas...

The story

Every 17 years the Brood X Cicadas emerge from their long slumber. They climb out of the ground, shed their shells, grow wings and take to the skies. A few days later the chorus of Cicadas begins. There is no sound quite like it at all.

This instrument is comprised of 4 different patches of sampled Cicadas. A lead, a bass, an arp and a robotic sounding cicada. Since we only get to experience this once every 4 years I wanted to try and capture it and do something fun with it.

(requires the latest version of Kontakt)


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  • Interesting but needs some work!

    This is an interesting idea, but it really needs some work to be done if you want to call it usable. You will find 4 patches, but only one of the works fully as intended, and that's the title name, SynthCada. It works, it has some character, but to my ears it is a very pitchy sample that won't really work anywhere that easily, unless you just use the lower sections which can be considered as a cool synth bass lead. The samples are looped in a way that they produce some kind of a rhythm though, which might be weird to fit in your tempos. The rest of the three patches contain problems, especially with some GUI elements that refuse to work. This needs some work before it gets recommended!

    Alex Raptakis18 October 2021
  • Largely does not work

    Love the idea behind this but unfortunately the instruments included don't really work. The sound is interesting but the Filter and Resonance knobs seem to have no affect and ADSR does not work on BassCada.

    Angus Roberts-Carey11 October 2021