The story

A month a go me and my good friend Producer Ronie angel who is very talented and good in keys, went out for a wedding ceremony of our pastor a night before. They gave us a room next to the Sheoak trees that give a soothing sound every time the wind blows through the branches, I was so inspired and went out with him to see how we can sample and at list make use of that sound. we recorded it using two mobile phones with the Recorder app inside hanging one phone just next to the branch of the tree and another one close to the the leaves. i was so exited about it and when i heard how it was sounding on the phones decided to make a Decent sampler instrument out of it. we managed to shape the sound using the help of waves plugins ie. Tone generator, Pitch sifter and Rverb for the ambient. Many thanks to Pianobook and Dave Hilowitz for giving us this platform to express our feeling and creativity.


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  • Sweet indeed!

    This very tiny instrument that consists of 2 different patches, and those include 2 layers of sounds each. In total there are 4 samples, one for each layer, but due to their synthetic nature they sound pretty damn good across the entire keyboard.

    The GUI is simple to follow and it includes all the nice DecentSampler settings that you need. You can also blend the two layers on each patch, and you can also set their panning as you wish. I'd love to have another patch that includes all 4 layers, too!

    As a small tip, I'd say that the attack needs not to be at exactly 0.00 because of DS generating some cracks without the samples being problematic. This can be solved by setting the attack at 0.02!

    Alex Raptakis22 September 2022
  • Two patches to add suspense

    I really like the two pad patches, one brighter than the other. Both are great for adding tension and suspense. The controls you included in this pack are sufficient to get a good variety of sounds. It's cool that you added the options to turn on and off the saturation and harmonics, the position of these is appropriate.

    The interface is very nice. I love the colors you chose for the controls; they look great with the dark background. The only thing I don't like is the size of the text and that it is in lower case. Other than that, I think the pack is very well done.

    GuilleDSamplist 24 September 2022
  • A couple of lovely sounds

    A couple of lovely sounds in this pack, feel very 80s and fit extremely nicely together in a track. As mentioned elsewhere, nipping the attack up a touch to 0.02 makes all the difference for the 'click' on the start of the sound but then again you might like that - especially if it's caught with some conv reverb.

    I can't for the life of me work out how these come from samples of trees though!

    QorbeQSamplist 27 September 2022