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As a session keyboardist and ‘bedroom composer’ I am always using and comparing piano sample libraries. After finding piano book I noticed there were many felt pianos, but I’ve got too many of them and I personally look for bright, full attack pianos for both recordings and live gigging. So I therefore took it upon myself, after many prior hours of watching Christian Henson videos, to sample this well-recorded Steinway in the heart of Royal Northern College of Musics facilities. This is my first sample library and I learnt a hell load from it! Recorded in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, I had limited resources so was only recorded stereo with a pair of ISK CM-30’s.


Reviews for Studio One

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  • Playability
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  • Very easy to play, simple and warm sound

    GUI is beautiful and easy to use! Sound is simple, warm and versatile. I will be using this a lot going forward.

    Asuka Amane19 October 2021
  • Beautiful

    A lovely instrument. The "Composer’s elements" version is really magic - very well done!

    markusSamplist 09 December 2021
  • With a few surprises

    I had a little play around with this one and wasn't overly impressed... After a few tweaks with the controls I stumbeled on an amazing sound. What a surprise. There is more to this than first meats the ear. For a first attempt at making a library this really is quite good. Great Job.

    Ray30 October 2021
  • Sits well in any ensemble. Amazing first effort.

    I keep coming back to this one. I've tried it with various reverbs and equalizers and found that one can coax a lot of character out of it. For such a compact sample pack, it offers stunning versatility and surprising dynamics. This is Toby's sole sample pack? Well done, mate. Have a go at another?

    dbsmcv18 October 2022
  • Lots of content, lots to like!

    For just 3 dynamic layers and 3 round robins this piano is extremely expressive and sounds brilliant particularly in the low registers. There's a little too much mid range "honk" to some of the notes which is probably to do with the room resonance. However this is a brilliant library. The 'elements' on the GUI are inspired and I personally love the reverse sounds of Water and the Synth Pad of Fire. Great Job!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
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