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The user interface offers precise control over every aspect of the instrument and effects.
Explore parameters to refine your sound, including control over the six drawbars, envelope, amplitude modulation with LFOs, highpass and lowpass filters, velocity/dynamics, oscillator drifting, and the immersive effects of ensemble, phaser, echo and reverb.

Unleash the power of the six drawbars to shape your tone with precision. Each drawbar controls the amplitude of a specific octave or sound, offering you unparalleled control over the instrument’s harmonic richness.

ADSR Envelope:
Shape your sound precisely with the Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release parameters. Whether you desire a punchy, staccato tone or a smooth, lingering ambiance, the ADSR envelope allows you to tailor the dynamics to your liking.
– Attack
— Individual attack time of the amplitude envelope for four of the drawbars
– Decay
— Individual decay time of the amplitude envelope four of the drawbars
– Sustain
— Individual sustain level of the amplitude envelope four of the drawbars
– Release
— Individual release time of the amplitude envelope four of the drawbars

Low-frequency Oscillator (LFO):
The Rate and Depth knobs enable you to modulate the amplitude of four of the drawbars with the desired depth and rate using the Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO), opening up a world of rhythmic possibilities. The LFOs for the treble section has a sine waveform for smooth transitions. The LFO for the bass section has a sawtooth waveform for a rhythmic effect.

– Rate
— LFO rate determines the speed at which the modulation occurs
– Depth
— Adjust the LFO depth to introduce subtle or pronounced variations in volume

Strykebrett has a highpass filter and a lowpass filter. The highpass filter ranges from 20 Hz to 2000 Hz and the lowpass filter ranges from 200 Hz to 8000 Hz.
– On / Off
— Turns on or off the filter
– Freq
— Cutoff frequency for the filter
– Res
— Amount of resonance at cutoff frequency

– Dyn
— Turns on or off the velocity controlled amplitude
– Drift
— When enabled, each sample will have a slight pitch drift. The pitch drift for each sample is unique and independent. It’s less pitch drift in the bass samples than the treble samples.

– O
— 3 stereo choruses with different speed and depth
– Acc
— Turns the ensemble off
– Solo
— Fast stereo vibrato
– Organ
— A slow stereo chorus

The phaser is the built-in phaser from DecentSampler. The echo and reverb effects are achieved using carefully crafted impulse responses. The echo effect employs a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo recorded twice for stereo, while the reverb effect draws from a Chase Bliss Audio & Meris CXM 1978 reverb pedal with a room setting.

– On
— Turns the phaser on and off
– Color
— Adds more feedback to the phaser
– Rate
— Adjust the rate of the phaser modulation

Select from two distinctive echo options: the short echo, delivering a classic slapback effect, and the long echo, characterized by a slower decay and numerous repeats.
– On
— Turns the echo on and off
– Long
— Switches between a short slapback echo and a long echo with slow repeats and high feedback
– Mix
— Mix between direct signal and echo signal

You’ll also find two reverb effects: the short reverb, evoking the intimacy of a small room, and the long reverb, enveloping your sound in the vastness of a spacious environment.
– On
— Turns the reverb on and off
– Long
— Switches between a short/small room reverb and a long/big room reverb
– Mix
— Mix between direct signal and reverb signal


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  • yes to everything

    this is amazing. looks and functions so well and sounds brilliant. DS itself needs to become more able to support and encourage such adventurous projects as this by improving too, but the Strykebrett is a masterpiece. pushing DS to the limit!

    t721 October 2023
  • Fabulous sound

    This is another impressive library from Dehli Musikk. Lovely GUI and a wonderful rich sound. Works great on my Mac M1

    Esc28 October 2023
  • Sounds wonderful. Great job programming

    This sounds pretty amazing to me. I downloaded it immediately after hearing the demo

    Jon06 November 2023
  • Cool

    Great interface, so many controls! I can see this being used on a number of different projects, well done!

    Markoni22 March 2024
  • Typical synth sounds, but well executed interface.

    I downloaded this only because another reviewer mentioned that the sounds were popping and crackling because DecentSampler was too much of a CPU hog. This was not my experience. In fact, I checked the CPU usage against Kontakt playing a similarly long sound, and they were comparable. Running on a laptop with 8G Ram. Your mileage may vary, I suppose. I found the interface to be quite remarkable, with all the sliders and knobs. As for the sounds themselves, I did not find them to be particularly special, but then I have no nostalgia for old hardware.

    Sid20 October 2023
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