The story

Check out this video I made featuring the Strawberry Trash Can:

There’s an old, wooden trash can at my parent’s house that I’ve always loved the sound of it closing. It has a resonant smack! I recorded it using contact microphones (aka piezos) and an old pair of headphones used as a microphone.

The pair of headphones round off transient sounds when listening back to music with them. I imagine this is because the speakers have stiffened with age. I thought to use them as a microphone to see if the headphones naturally compress audio recorded by them.

Here are the MIDI notes you can play and the corresponding sound:
F3 => headphones, inside the can
F#3 => headphones, outside the can, nearby
G3 => headphones, outside the can, far away
G#3 => piezo, on the can lid
A3 => piezo, on the floor, nearby
A#3 => piezo, on the can body

Each playable note has 10 velocity layers.

Use the global tune control to pitch the sounds up and down.

This instrument also features Decent Sampler’s built in convolution reverb, with an impulse recorded in the same space I recorded the Strawberry Trash Can. The impulse was captured by recording a firecracker. You can control the amount of reverb using the knob labeled ‘barn’.




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