The story

This is my first foray into Kontakt GUI. I didn’t create any round robins. I like to have as many variations of the sound in front of me, rather than cycling through them. Thanks to David Hilowitz’s helpful YouTube tutorials and the fine folk at Knobman for their great little program.


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  • Good, simple bodhran

    It's a bodhran but not quite as you know it - because it's played with a spoon (I assume).

    This is a decent collection of samples, it's a simple VST, one perhaps more suited to being incorporated into a drum loop on a by-sample basis rather than being played directly, but nevertheless this is a handy instrument to have around.

    The reverb on the GUI is a nice addition to add a bit of welcome splosh without needing to engage another plugin.

    Good work on your first Kontact instrument, Colin. Thanks.

    Giles M24 May 2022
  • Great organic sound but not enough variation for me

    This is a really cool collection of organic hits. Some of these hits are more in the vein of kicks while other more like rimshots and snares. The recording sounds really nice and you get really cool natural noises along with the hits that give character.
    My biggest problem is the variation. To my ears theres two dynamic layers. This is fine but i think just one more even quieter one would have brought way more dynamics and playability to this. Also i don't hear any round robins. I think this is so important for organic percussion libraries to create realism and variation.
    As i said the recording is great and i think this would be super useful if it was a bit more deeply sampled

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • Great sounding percussion

    This is a simple patch that offers many different percussive hits placed over around 3 octaves on the keybed. While there are no round robins and dynamics, you can access the same sound on many different keys, so you can have more control over what you actually hear, instead of randomized round-robins.

    With that said, I find the organization on the keybed a little hard to follow. I will definitely need to spend some time to become familiar with it, but I think it's worth it because the sounds are nicely recorded and they can act as good layers in percussion ensembles.

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021