The story

SCRAPE SWHELL is the new horrific freebie by SoundFxWizard.

It’s a horror swell sfx generator for Ni Kontakt, all samples are recordings of 4 different categories:
Metal Dry Ice Resonances, Bowed Cymbals, Bowed Guitar, Bowed Mandolin.

If you need to add a sinister scrapes sound and horror mood to your project you can easy access all samples with a 49 keys master keyboard (1 sample for each white key -1 category for each octave)

KONTAKT custom scripted gui:
4 independent decks triggered by 4 different octave with independents controls (speed, pan, tune, level) allows to tweak the samples of each category and modify parameters for the direct sample and for its reversed version, giving you the possibility to create a total 8 layer swell.

Both direct and reversed samples has independent FX controls to enhance sonic variations and sense of motion!

Reviews for SoundFxWizard SCRAPE SWHELL

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  • Number 1 in my horror arsenal

    Such an incredible sounding library! Been using it nonstop and can't get enough, it fits the moods I've been looking to create perfectly!

    I'd love to see this come to DS in the future.

    Josh Bakaimis21 September 2023
  • Tons of horror SFX!

    This instrument has to offer lots and lots of sound effects for horror scenarios. The sample quality is really good, and the best part of it is that there it's not only one or two pitch modified samples, but many different ones.

    The GUI offers tons of options, including the control of the reversed version of the samples. You can also blend them together and add different kinds, such as Drive, Flanger, Chorus and Reverb - to the normal and reversed samples individually! You will also note that they are split into 4 categories and each category gets its own settings as well.

    Sadly there is no attack or release settings, but nevertheless, the possibilities are endless!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • So Scary

    Ive been getting into these dissonant horror sounds on pianobook lately. Most of them although creepy i still feel can be used in a beautiful context if used correctly. Not this one though, this one is just straight up scary. The chilling scrapes and high frequency rubbing instantly puts you on edge. Theres a decent amount of presets here all offering you something different. The GUI is really well made with decent controllability although its strange that there's no attack and release which would be more useful that effects which we all have in our daws anyway. Still this is a great little collection of spooky sounds

    septemberwalk10 November 2021
  • Tons of Great Horror FX

    This collection is filled with tons of great, playable, customizable horror FX. Lots of eerie and creepy metal noises will haunt your sleep. You can customize them with the excellent GUI. This is definitely a pro level submission!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 20 October 2021