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As a classically trained musician and technologist, I have somewhat mixed feelings about sampling. That being said, I agree that it certainly opens up creative opportunities for those who may not have any formal musical instrument training and from my own point of view, it allows me to perform on instruments that I certainly would not be able to play without a great deal of time back in the practice room.

To that end, I have taken baby steps into the world of sampling and thanks to Christian and the many people supporting this forum, I have decided to share my first efforts. I have created three virtual instruments, the first of which is called SnappinClaps.

This represents my very first effort and is a very basic recording of me clapping my fingers and clapping my hands.

I have also included an mp3 that I made, kind of like a ‘round’ purely using this virtual instrument and some whistling noises.

I have also included an mp3 of all three of my sampled instruments so far in a single short piece.

I hope you enjoy and feedback is welcomed.


Paul… 🙂

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  • Ready made for my track

    This was probably my last call for a sample pack before I went off to the bedroom and recorded snaps and claps for myself (which would have been my first venture into sampling) but this saved me the trouble. Certainly good enough for sketching out my track, on which I wanted something other than a traditional drumkit. Yes, there are no round robins but there are a few different claps so by playing different combinations of keys together I can simulate a human performance.

    PaulC03 January 2022
  • Perfect Human Percussion Element

    If you are looking for some snaps and claps for your music creation, look no further. SnappinClaps is that human element you need. Layer it with your percussion or use it standalone. Let's go!

    dafingaz13 October 2021
  • Useful but not essential

    While its definitely useful to have some human sounding snaps and claps easily available, its alot cooler and more fun to record them yourself. I did this the other day and recorded about 10 different clap tracks. The subtle variations in tone and timing create a really cool effect. Something similar could definitely be achieved in a library although i think the lack of round robins really limits this usefulness. Its an awesome idea to have human recorded snaps and claps easily available in a library but i would definitely wish for round robins here.

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • Just some snaps n claps

    The samples are cool and well made for sure. If you don't have a mic at your disposal to create your own sounds, this will do just fine! Because of no round robins, since in nature it's very hard to perform the exact same snap twice, if you overdo it they might start sounding artificial. They would do just fine if you put them in a more electronic type of environment, siilar to the demo provided by Tom. Be sure to check it out!

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
  • Useful maybe

    I'm struggling a little bit as to when one might want to use this. I suppose it's useful to those who don't have a mic or audio interface and need snaps and claps, or if you're feeling really lazy and don't want to set up a mic to track snaps. It's not a bad first attempt at sampling, as the sounds are well recorded and there's not a lot of noise. This sample pack would definitely be more useful with round robins, or using the trick there there's 9-10 velocity layers of each so velocity chooses the different samples.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 19 October 2021