Schimmel Piano

Deep-sampled Schimmel....

The story

I am currently aged 17 and have been playing Piano since I was 6, I then quickly took up Percussion and Trumpet to. When I first started sampling a few years ago these are what I focused on, I started with untuned percussion as a means of getting to grips with groove agent (the Cubase sampler). But I quickly branched out into tuned percussion, this is where I really started to explore the idea of velocity layers and round robins. Then recently I finally splashed out on Kontakt and am now obsessed with sampling! I took on a very ambitious project in completely sampling my piano which took ages, but it has been extremely rewarding and has added to my collection of templates that I am making for my instruments in Kontakt, I am very excited to sample many more instruments soon especially strings!

I have had this Piano ever since I was born and I absolutely adore it! It has certainly had a good bashing as well as a good range of music played on it as a huge variety of music being played on it, from the Classical Period all the up to the most recent film music! I decided to sample it not only to try and capture its sound but also to try understand the process of deeply sampling an instrument with so many notes! I was fortunate to get hold of some Audio Technica 4033a’s to use as my mics, I am not yet very good at recording so the quality of the sound is hopefully to be improved upon when I next sample a piano but overall I am pleased with the result. I was really fortunate to get some help with the scripting but one thing I haven’t worked out yet is how to stop the release triggers geting sustained by the pedal, any help would be most appreciated. Also I would be very grateful if someone could noise reduce the piano for me!


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