The story

A rubber band used to lie on my table and I decided to make some kind of upright bass with it’s sound. Here is what occured.

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  • Awesome Sound design

    Im always amazed when people make such unique instruments out of boring house hold objects. This really does sound like an upright bass. If i were to use it i would probably cut out a bit of the highs because its a bit too tonal for me. Theres also pretty big discrepancies between the sample start times making it kind of unplayable. You would really have to get in there and adjust each midi note to get it to really be a tight performance. I personally dont love the sound either even though i think its cool and unique but i hope others enjoy it more than i do.

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • Unique sound with a few issues

    This sound is certainly unique and has a lot of potential as a bass voice or as a synth type sound within a mix. However, the start times of the samples varies widely, which greatly diminishes the playability of the instrument. Some of the notes in the highest register have 1500 ms of air before the sound plays. With a little more care in the programming, this sample pack could be really great! It's clearly very creative and has the potential to be really inspiring!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 20 October 2021
  • Rubber Band Bass

    Not a bad sound. You may have trouble getting inspired from this sound as is. I think it would work really well to layer this with a synth bass. Also add some FX to this sound. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021
  • Kind of uncontrollable

    This is one of the rare cases where the extra round-robins and dynamic layers make an insturment much harder to play. While it is very nicely sampled, the extra layers of realism are so different in terms of timbre, timing, panning, and even texture, which makes it very hard to either perform or program. It is possible though, since there is some consistency in some notes but you will have to figure out a safe velocity zone. I'd love to see an update because it is a very interesting concept and trully nicely sampled!

    Alex Raptakis04 November 2021
  • When the rubberband starts to jam

    This is a quirky, characterful, but not particularly usable instrument. I think a bit more processing before programming would help this instrument a lot, to turn it into a great bass instrument. Good work!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
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