The story

RJS LoFi Recorder is an instrument based on a wooden recorder. The instrument features true-legato transitions that can be utilized in both polyphonic and monophonic modes. The UI offers switchable lofi effects. The instrument is designed to be paired with RJS LoFi Nylon. The samples were recorded with a Shure SM57 microphone.

RJS Sampling Suite script collection for Reaper was an indispensable help while creating the samples. You can find more information about these automation tools on my YouTube channel.

NOTE: The initial release had a bug that broke the legato feature. The bug was noticeable on MacOS. The new version 1.1. fixes this problem.

Reviews for RJS LoFi Recorder

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    THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!! so childish and cool
    i can see a lot of situations where this would come very handy

    Levran09 July 2023
  • Full of character!

    This crazy small instrument patch features a fantastic little recorder sound with a lo-fi texture to it. It is accompanied by a very clean and straightforward GUI that includes a legato switch. What's really missing for me is an Attack and a Release knob, since the modulation section inside the "Edit Mode" Kontakt settings won't work. Nevertheless, it's a quite awesome little recorder with awesome texture and very nice sampling!

    Alex Raptakis01 September 2022
  • Mellotron Recorder

    Simple and wonderful little instrument that's gona stay on my hardrive to one day make an appearance.

  • Blowing Strawberry Fields!

    A strange little instrument but solid in terms of the character it delivers. The RJS series gui is once again perfectly adequate but the otions on this one feel a little more limited only providing options for legato, monophonic playing and low pass filtering the noise.

    The noise is really where the character of this instrument comes from.To be blunt it's not much use as a recorder simulation but great a giving you a fluty blown mellotron sound especially playing chords around middle C.
    The legato effect adds interesting bends rather than aiding a realistic performance and the warping effect adds to the tremolo of the sample to add to the character.
    One limitation I was bothered by is that the filter, when controlled by the mod wheel doesn't go all the way down instead giving the sound a muted rather than properly filtered sound which limits application.

    TheButlerDeclines29 September 2022