The story

RJS LoFi Nylon is a finger picked nylon string guitar. The instrument features true-legato (hammer-on, pull-off) transitions, slides, subtle vibrato, and guitar handling noises. The UI offers switchable lofi effects. The instrument is designed to be paired with RJS LoFi Recorder. (User guide included.)

The instrument has only one velocity layer so it’s not a strong solo instrument. The samples were recorded with a Shure SM57 microphone. The sound is not pretty and clean (noise-free).

RJS Sampling Suite script collection for Reaper was an indispensable help while creating the samples. You can find more information about these automation tools on my YouTube channel.

About the Decent Sampler version of the instrument: The original library relies heavily on Kontakt’s script engine so it is impossible to make the Decent Sampler version work exactly the same way. The DS version is an adaptation of the Kontakt version and the two differ in legato functionality, keyswitching, and sound options. (Please read ‘readme.txt’ for more information.)

Reviews for RJS LoFi Nylon

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    the best guitar i have ever come across... i was always looking for something like this but today i saw it by chance but i was amazed... thank you very much for your efforts.. health to your hands, heart and efforts

    edip30 August 2023
  • Probably the best LoFi Nylon guitar here!

    This instrument is made with care, great attention to detail, great sampling, and all of that result in a fantastic instrument that takes just 90MB of space in your drive, and can do a lot!

    Not only it has a great nylon guitar sound, but you can tweak it to simulate different kinds of a retro-modeled nylon character, and it comes with hits, hand slides and more, including handy keyswitches that enable the user to make "finger slides" in both up and down. I love it!

    I really loved every single piece on this Nylon, and I know most people will love it too, so I highly recommend it!

    Alex Raptakis07 September 2022
  • Great guitar, very useful

    This is multiple-purpose guitar and it does its job amazingly. For a lo-fi sounding guitar, this is an absolute no-brainer. But with a little bit of reverb on it, you can also make it into a really soothing and atmospheric guitar, which is amazing. I could play this guitar for ages, really well-done. I would love to see a deeper-sampled version of this guitar in the future, because it's so awesome.

    BenBerkenbosch23 September 2022
  • Beautiful little guitar pack

    I have to admit to having accidentally glossed over it during a download-and-try session when it was released either because I didn't fully appreciate it or because there were so many new toys to play with.

    Whatever the reason, I'm glad I've revisited it as this is a beautiful little guitar pack. All the little bells and whilstles that it has by way of slides and guitar noises just add to the experience (and I've learned that I need to turn ON the Kontakt keyboard!!). I disagree with Risto (the creator of the pack) that this isn't a solo instrument. It so is!

    QorbeQSamplist 27 September 2022
  • MVP Deluxe!

    Like the other instruments in the RJS denoted collection this Nylon Guitar make a great case for being the best candidate for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that the Piano Project has produced.

    These instruments don't promise too much and what they do deliver they deliver well. Well recorded samples with good noise reduction and a just long enough releases to keep the file size down while providing maximum requisite atmosphere

    The basic but entirely functional GUI's are clean and well designed and there is just enough keyswich action to keep even the fussiest user occupied and interested in the performances they can create.
    The inclusion of some basic options for manipulating the sound of the instrument-a small selection of reverb, saturation and filter choices- are a welcome addition if a little esoteric for my taste.

    TheButlerDeclines29 September 2022