The story

I started this project not knowing very well how it will finish. First step was sampling several waveforms such as Sine, Sawtooth, Square, Pulse and FM, from a few old synths I have. Then I decided to go with 3 oscillators using different colors to identify them (Red, Green and Blue).

There is a total of 35 basic (one cycle) waveforms distributed among the 3 oscillators, each of them with independent volume and tuning controls, separate envelopes, low-pass filters and LFOs.

I would say the instrument works more like a traditional subtractive wavetable synth than a sampler/rompler. Not being a patch programmer, I have managed to create several presets to demonstrate its basic capabilities. I’m sure it would sound better in the right hands ๐Ÿ™‚

Global LP filter cut-off frequency can be controlled using CC#11 as well as volume with CC#7. Cut-off is also affected by each note velocity: higher velocities produce higher cut-off frequencies and vice-versa.

IMPORTANT: well… not really important, but you can click on the RGB WAVES logo (upper left side of the window) to change the background image ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • Inspiring

    Reminds me of the sounds of my Moog Opus string synth! This is a superb sample pack - thank you.

    t729 August 2023