Reverse Piano

A Yamaha piano processed through a guitar pedal...

The story

Christian’s film exploring Dave, the Neumann KU 100, left me with more questions than it answered. In a good way.
In the midst of the strangest week of the year, that between Christmas and the new year, I was experimenting with some new mic positions on my family piano – attempting to create a ‘pseudo binaural’ recording, if you like. I ran off a quick ‘MVP’ style sample set when a notion hit me.
Making pads from pianos is no new idea – taking a sample, stretching it, reversing it and putting in a big crossfade to create a ‘ping-pong’ style loop – but what if we simply reversed all of the samples?
With a little magic from the cheapest bit of tech I own (a 5 quid eBay-find guitar pedal) this is the result. I’m not really sure what to call it – it’s not really a pad nor a piano – so I’ve gone for ‘Reverse Piano’!


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