The story

About 10 years ago, I ran outside with my trusty Zoom H2 field recorder, and got a decent recording of a thunderclap during a very close thunderstorm. I then decided that since I had my recorder with me and it was raining pretty hard, it would be a good idea to record the sound of the rain on my umbrella. I’ve always thought rain on an umbrella kind of sounds like white noise with random rhythmic pulses. (Obviously it’s not quite the same harmonic content as white noise, but you hopefully get what I mean.)
So, here we are, a decade later, and I remembered I had these recordings of rain. So, I ran them through an EQ to really isoloate the frequencies I wanted. Specifically a certain note, say for example an A3, with the A4, A4, and A6 in decreasing volume levels as you go up in octaves. I used these filtered samples to create the Raindrops instrument for Decent Sampler.

You can “play the rain” with this pad instrument that also includes controls for Reverb level, room size, and damping, plus controls for changing the Attack and Release time of each note.

If this is something that you like the sound of, I wish you happy composing!


Reviews for Raindrops

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  • Nice organ-like pad

    a pleasant pad sound

    Overall it's a nice idea and executed well. My only complaint is in higher registers, the character of the original recording is harder to distinguish. I feel like having the option to mix in a separate track of the original field recording would be cool and give it more flexibility

    metatronatra24 October 2023