Prepared Staccato Cartoon Piano

A quirky prepared piano for cartoon soundtracking!...

The story

I sampled this piano super later one night at my university to help me underscore a cartoon; every note has its own preparation.

I’ve submitted an ‘MVP version’ with just close mics. If this community believes the extra data would add to this instrument, I’m willing to also upload a version with stereo mics included!

Preparations range from simple stuff like bluetack to even muting strings with my hand, which would of course be impossible in real time. The idea is each note is different and a little surprising!


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  • Pure wonk

    I love this piano. I just wish it had some more velocity layers. Which is an insane ask, seeing as every key has been sampled.

    Paperhouse12 October 2021
  • Kooky and well titled

    Not all notes do quite as expected which is how a prepared piano should react. I really like it. I'm inspired to find a use for it.

    Boag110 October 2021