The story

I received this music box as a gift one year ago and while it looks cool on the shelf, I wondered, ‘Why shouldn’t I use this for making music?’ So I recorded some samples of it and added various effects to create different soundscapes. In my opinion, these sounds are awesome for ear candy, but you can also use them to create ambient sounds (try the wind and fan convolution effects for that) or even play a whole lead melody.

In total, there are the following seven styles to choose from:
– Clean Harsh
– Clean Soft
– Clean Wide
– Staccato
– Reversed
– Vintage
– Amped

You can combine these styles with a convolution effect if you like. You have the following options to choose from:
– Big Room
– Small Room
– Glide
– Slide
– Wind
– Wobbly
– Fan (long)
– Fan (short)
– Drums (80 BPM)


Reviews for Playwatch

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  • Very nice!

    This is really nicely done. It can do soft as well as not so soft sounds but all is well done and has a lot of digital effects to play with.

    Norbert01 October 2023
  • Nicely done

    Great sounds, very clean, good options to change them

    At times and in some styles not that realistic sounding, but good sound nonetheless

    Lisa Heesters09 October 2023