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Hi! My name is Andy Stroud and this is my Percussion Box and Cymbal EFX sample library.

The idea behind this library was to record sounds that would work well in both orchestral and pop settings. As a drummer and percussionist I really enjoy incorporating little flourishes with shakers, tambourines and cymbals into recordings or live sessions as I believe it can add some very interesting texture to a track. These flourishes quickly became the main focus of this library along with some accented hits.

For the percussion sounds I recorded studio shakers, small egg shakers and some seed shakers. For the cymbals I recorded a range of dark sounding Zildjian K Dry Ride cymbals and some brighter sounding Meinl Crashes amongst others. Having a range of different sound qualities within the same articulations I believe is very important and reflects the way in which I like to structure my percussion set up for recording.

I hope you can find a place for these sounds in some of your own compositions. Thanks for reading!


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  • Go-to soft percussion sounds

    I love all the sounds in here - Everything is useful and there's no extraneous fluff. Everything is in mono, so some panning and a little short/wide room reverb is needed to help these come to life. Most times I don't even open the .nki but just drag them straight into the DAW.

    It makes a nice companion to Jon Meyer's Soft Drums :)

    sethbutlermusic21 December 2021
  • Perfect cymbal SFX!

    This is an amazing percussion patch that is very well recorded and programmed. You will find some amazing noiseless samples of various percussive hits that have tons of uses in many different styles of music. The patch is very barebones, with just you and the samples being at your fingertips. The rest is up to you.

    Alex Raptakis31 October 2021
  • Handy little set of sounds

    So simple, yet so useful. Most of us don't have a percussion player at arms reach when we need just a little something to add sparkle to a mix. This ensemble is a go-to set.

    ddailey12 October 2021
  • Great selection of useful sounds, with one major issue

    This is a great selection of useful percussive sounds and cymbal effects. It's very playable. The issue that jumped out at me right away when playing it is that there's some sort of funny resonance i many of the samples, as though there's slapjack echo happening between the floor and ceiling or two others walls somewhere in the space these samples were recorded. It's most apparent on the shaker assigned to G1. It's really unfortunate, because it severely diminishes the applications for this library which would have otherwise been great.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 19 October 2021
  • Simple but effective tools

    This is a pretty simple percussion pack with cool sounds. As you mentioned the little shaker flourishes and phrases are really useful and fun for adding some realism to a track. Theses a nice selection of sounds in here from shakers and precession hits to cymbals. Unfortunately, as sam mentioned there is kind of an annoying resonance going on here that im noticing alot in the cymbals. This could probably be corrected with eq but might lead to a less natural sound. i would try to dress this if you record more percussion in the same room or are planning on working on this library. Still a good selection of organic percussion though.

    septemberwalk04 November 2021
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