Otamatone Choir

The quirky Otamatone instrument in sample form...

The story

This instrument was created by recording an Otamatone direct into a Shure SM7B. Recording the correct pitch on the Otamatone is difficult, if you’re not familiar with the instrument I’d encourage you to look it up as it’s better seen than described. Trying to find an exact pitch on one is essentially like trying to find the right note on a fretless guitar, I’m sure with more practice it becomes easier, however I’m far from an expert.

This is the first sample instrument I’ve created so hopefully it sounds reasonable and I hope you enjoy using it.


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  • It's Absurd And I Love It

    Now this is the kind of silliness and brilliance I come here for. On paper the idea is just simple, but when you get to playing with it you end up with something between an electric key board, fake guitar notes or maybe some kind of strange bagpipe. I look forward to sneaking this into someone's metal song in the future, Thank You.

    Kiko13 October 2021