The story

My team and I were asked to created a sample pack for one of our assignments for college and this his how it came out. It took a few tries but we finely got there. This is our first ever sample pack.


Reviews for Only Drums

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  • Okay drum sound with room for improvement

    The basic sound of the included drumhits is good. The mapping is not conforming to any of the established standards (eg General Midi drummap) and I'm missing the hi-hats.

    More velocity layers (a medium level layer in particular) and maybe round-robins would make it much more realistic sounding though.

    The built-in convolution effect is weird. I expected some kind of reverb, but turning it up brings up a very boomy and resonant sound, slightly offset sound, as if the inside of a kick drum was recorded and used as an IR. My guess is that the IR used here is not really the best choice and might also not be properly trimmed in the beginning, which makes is asynchronous with the drum hits.

    Ideally I would also want to be able to pitch the sound of the drums to simulate tuning, an essential feature that is missing in quite a lot of smaller drum libraries.

    Synthiemental06 December 2023