The story

She was forgotten and abused for 40 years, before being given a new life as a sample instrument. Just recently, I gave her the attention she needed with some proper felt and tune up. Softer than ever and given a name. Nova, bright for a short time.

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  • Dark and brooding, this is a real Emotional Piano

    It's cool to see Maxwell's progression as a samplist. This library seems so much more mature than the Felted Baldwin. The choice of sample start times is interesting in this library. I'm all for snappy attacks without a lot of dead air at the beginning of samples, but here, the attack transients are cut off by and large. I adjusted them to the start of the main portion of the attack, and I found the instrument far more playable. I found the lowest velocity range too low when it ran from 1-39, so I increased it to 1-70. Again, this greatly increased playability, as did reducing the volume of the release triggers by a few decibels. This is a great and inspiring library!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 08 November 2021
  • Beautiful Mellow Tone.

    I wish this piano was more dynamic and there are a few programming issues that sam mentioned, like the sample start time and velocity but apart from that this is a really sweet and beautiful piano. It has that classic soft cinematic felt sound i love so much. The release triggers sound really good and the recording sounds really clear as well. With more Round robins and dynamic layers this has the potential to be a truly unbelievable piano. In its current state its still pretty good. Im gonna make those adjustments sam suggested and see if i like it better this way

    septemberwalk09 November 2021
  • Sings beautifully!

    This is one of the sweetest pianos I've tested. It has a very shy character that hosts many wholesome feelings, even though it is very minimal and not that dynamic. You won't find any settings to mess with, so just load it up and go for the feels. I have to note though that I noticed the weirdest thing so far: The highest velocity samples tend to move way to the left, even if all the others are panned properly. Other than that, this is sweet and it shouldn't be overlooked.

    Alex Raptakis22 October 2021
  • A good effort... A nice piano!

    The Sound to my ears is a little dull, but there is definitely a pleasing softness to this piano. The programming could use a little work, but any tweaks it really needs can mostly be done by the user, for example the 3 dynamic layers feel like 1 and just need blending a little better. I'm curious as to why there are two round robins for the release triggers but none for the piano keys. Still, there is real potential here and this is a good sounding library. Nice job!

    R.Treves21 October 2021