The story

This is the first virtual instrument that I made. I’m 16 years old and started playing piano in first grade I bought a Yamaha TRBX174 and an amp 2 years ago and started learning bass. At that time I started making music in Ableton live lite, and for some time I thought of making my plugin, which I did in 3 days. It’s not perfect but it was fun making it and I have plans to make a few more. ๐Ÿ™‚


Reviews for My Cheap Bass

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  • Might be "cheap", but it has character!

    Thank you for this first effort! Although you describe this as a "cheap" bass, I think it is very usable in songs. And although you mention that you already ran the bass via an amp, I added an amp and an IR, and it sounds much better. Please proceed and come up with other such "cheap" stuff!

    Jaime's Tone08 May 2023