The story

I was inspired many months ago by Mr. Henson’s video on creating instruments using pedals run through synthesizers.

I wanted to try my hand at making polyphonic instruments from monophonic synthesizers and these are the results!

This pack contains 5 different sounds. Some use the EXS24’s built in filter and envelopes while others work raw. If you find the attack, tone or release of the sample not to your liking, be sure to check the controls in the sampler, which will provide a number of useful parameters to manipulate.

The sound of the SH01A is very rich, and may require further filtering or EQ to tame in a mix.

What makes these samples sound unique is the Switchblade, a sort of patchbay that allows for many routings of effects into each other. Sometimes you are hearing parallel processing, other times a mono signal with hard pans on time based effects. There are even some loopback settings used which essentially make the entire pedalboard function as a standalone delay unit.

I hope you enjoy and make some cool stuff with it!

Reviews for MS20 and SH01A

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  • Deeeep retro synth sounds

    Inside you will find three patches which certainly deserve our attention. All of them are very nicely sampled and programmed, and definitely fun to play.

    My favourite has to be the Hit Pad which is a very deep, retro synth that won't disappoint you. Next comes the Pad, which is basically the pad version of the other one. There is also the Delays patch, but to me the effect on the tail gets hard panned to the left channel, making the full sound slightly unbalaced, and that might be tough to deal with.

    I'm most certain that this won't be an obstacle for you to enjoy this wonderful instrument!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Retro

    These synths and pads are relatively mellow while still having some energy and sizzle. Theyre really retro and almost tape sounding which is really interesting. They have nice modulation and pulsing going on within them so they are always evolving and never feel stale. You get three different patches here so theres bound to be something you like in here. I usually find these kinds of synths to be too angular but these ones are pretty fairly subdued while still having alot of character. Really cool retro vibes. The GUI offers some decent control as well

    septemberwalk10 November 2021
  • Some lovely synth sounds!

    This library contains five great Decent Sampler presets. "MS20 Pad" is deep and rich. The release is maybe a little abrupt, but the handle release control on the GUI allows you to tweak that to taste. It's also handy that CC1 is mapped to filter cutoff to bring more life to your performances. The first Fckbox preset has a lot of noise, but the second one either doesn't have it or is hiding it well. Regardless, these are some great sounds that I'm confident many people will find useful!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 30 October 2021