Fender Rhodes Mark II Seventy Three from 1982....

The story

This is the sampled version of my Fender Rhodes Mark II Seventy Three. It was built in 1982 and has its very own special character, a little quirky here and there – and I love it. So get it, play it and feel free to build something completely new with the samples, if you want to.


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  • It's definetly a Rhodes!

    Thanks a lot for this free Rhodes Instrument. It definetly sounds like one but also like any other Rhodes Plugin on the market. I had the feeling that there are a lot of clipping noises when I hit the keys very hard, so I gave the sound quality only 2 Stars although I quite like it. Same with the inspiration - it just hasn't something outstanding to me - which doesn't make it less worthy. So again - thanks a lot

    Philemon Reinhardt14 October 2021