Yamaha PortaSound PSS-30 with splosh and filtery fizz/...

The story

This is a harsh but fair online review of the 80’s Yamaha PortaSound PSS-30 mini keyboard:

“This is about as toy as they come.  It sounds pretty bad. Unfortunately it has no headphone jack so it is hard to record clean audio from it.”

OK… Challenge accepted!

For this sampling adventure, I decided to use the “coprophagy method”. All will become clear…

First off, I created individual instruments from the PSS-30’s 5 sustained sounds, micing the tiny speaker with a trusty SM57.

I then created five new instruments by re-sampling the above, going through my new splosh box of choice, the awesome Neon Egg Planetarium 2 to add warm and grainy modulated analog reverb and delay.

Finally, I created the MEGAPORTAPAD audio files from a crazy filter-swept pan-fest of a mix in Logic, using the five instruments from the previous step playing notes in unison.

Softly played keys will have a long gentle swell and stronger notes have a bit more filtery fizz.


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