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MARCH B232 – electromusical drum kit, made in the USSR.
Six channels, configurable sine and noise generator per channel.
Analog sound of electronic drums from the 80s.

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  • Sometimes less is more

    Another nice instrument from Audiofond, and as with the previous ones, it has a lot of character. This would work well for adding a touch of retro electronic sound to a piece. You get six different channels, each with a sinusoidal layer and a noise layer. To shape the sounds, there are some pitching and filtering knobs for each channel, and a two-knob global filter.

    Compared to fully featured modern synths, this can feel a little bit restricted. But I enjoy working within restrictions, and found that this synth forces me to think more carefully about what to do with what you have. And for a sampled instrument with less than 500kB of samples on board, there is a surprising number of thuds, hisses, bleeps and wooshes you can make.

    Overall, I have enjoyed playing around with the "Марш", and will probably reach for it more often in the future. Thanks Audiofond!

    Saturnias13 May 2023