The story

Lyre Lyre is carefully sampled instrument that adds a touch of realism to any mix. It was created by tuning each string to the nearest chromatic notes and performing three round robins at three velocity levels.

The range has been extended slightly above and below its natural pitch to give you the freedom and convenience of playing it in any key. It is finger-plucked with a long sustain that can be released early with the use of a short midi note. Use Lyre Lyre for melodic passages or chordal accompaniments.


Technical specifications:
3 velocity layers
3 round robins
156 samples
Download Size: 590.1MB
Runs in Kontakt 6 or higher

Contact [email protected] for support.


Reviews for Lyre Lyre

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  • It's a lyre...

    ...a simple lyre and I'll never need another. Thanks! Included reverb and delay sounds great up too.

    joey456720 March 2024