Low Fat Bass – Dirty – Free Edition

This is a free version of bass sample pack with finger and pick plucking. It has 2 key switches to change between the 2 dirty sounds....

The story

So if you like the beefy Musicman sound, this pack will give a massive distortion on top of that.

I have selected 2 sounds for this free packake:
– Ampeg SVX15R and Engl Powerball amps pick style
– Mammoth bass distortion Finger style

Hope you like it.

All recording was done in Reaper with 48KHz samplerate.

All wavs are pure DI captures, without any compression or EQ. This is a stripped down version of the full pack. The full version has additional pick style sounds long and short notes, which can be downloaded from my website www.laszlosomogyimusic.com

Compatible with Decent Sampler 1.4.9


Reviews for Low Fat Bass – Dirty – Free Edition

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  • Bassy and snappy!

    Similar to the Clean version, this is a very nicely recorded bass, and this time it comes with two different distortion sound signatures. They are very different from each-other and they both sound very nice to me. They have a prominent snappy attack, equivalent to the articulation, which I bet you will like. The E0-Amp is feels closer to a guitar amp, with lots of distortion and the C0-Mammoth is more bassy and groovy.

    They play very nicely, though if you hold the notes for (too) long, you might hear some sharp tail cuts, but it won't be a problem due to the nature of the instrument.

    There is also a clean version featuring two articulations, so if you liked this one, you will definitely like that one too!

    Alex Raptakis15 March 2022