The story

I love playing bass and I love the beefy, hairy sound. And I found that character in the Musicman Stingray. First RATM album, anyone? 🙂
That big humbucker pickup provides everything I need.

This sample was made with my beautiful Sterling By Musicman Ray 34, however the individual wavs collected dust on my hard drive for 2 years.
Then I came across with Decent Sampler and everything fell into place and quickly made the package.

Hope you like it.

All recording was done in Reaper with 48KHz samplerate. All wavs are pure DI captures, without any compression or EQ. This is a stripped down version of the full pack. The full version has additional pick style sounds long and short notes, which can be downloaded from my website

Compatible with Decent Sampler 1.4.6


Reviews for Low Fat Bass – Clean – Free Edition

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Super useful

    My new go to bass. Such a small file size has it loading quickly, and I'm up and running while the inspiration is still fresh. Nice!

    Sid27 February 2022
  • Really useful bass sound.

    Like this a lot. Played around with it and found it really useful in a track I'm working on. Well done and thanks

    -2em04 March 2022
  • Simple and nicely recorded bass

    This is a fairly simple bass, with high quality recordings and two different articulations, accessed from the two handy keyswitches. At first they might not be visible, so be sure might want to expand your window size or switch octaves. The playable range is around 2 and a half octaves long and both articulations sound very nice to me.

    As a minor detail that no-one will probably notice is that the tails could have been faded out in the long articulation, since right now they kind of cut suddenly. Not a real issue though, because this is not meant to be played like that anyway.

    If you found this nice, be sure to check the dirty version as well!

    Alex Raptakis15 March 2022