Lost Organ

A synth created from wavetables of a old church organ...

The story

I’ve been fascinated with ambience for a while now, the longing drones that offer a calming serenity, the synthetic winds that can immerse you somewhere new.

I’ve been playing with various synths over the past few months, trying to find one that fits my workflow, and I’ve created a handful of various ambient patches that I’m going to experiment with in Kontakt.

I’ve just started the journey of Kontakt scripting, this is my first ever instrument and I’m proud of the result, as well as proud of the actual sound of it!

The sound itself is synthesised by myself, the source of synthesis is an old church organ that was sampled a while ago by a friend, I used this as the wavetable for the sound. It was synthesised in Serum, and I’ve added a cutoff, resonance and Tape Gain knob to the UI, as well as a dynamic slider (which is slightly defunct given I mapped volume to the mod wheel by default.)



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  • Ambient pad for long, clear, moody notes

    This library fits its purpose really well: a synth-like organ with long, naturally sounding, very ambient notes. It is has a very natural vibe, somehow seamlessly combining the best of synths and organs. Ideal for background pedal notes or slowly evolving, dreamy ambient music.

    peterlepahin13 October 2021