lofiAudio Pheunium

The Hoffman piano sampled with two old telephone handsets.......

The story

When I was cleaning out the house I grew up in, I found two older bakelite phones.
As a homage to a time that no longer is, I used them in the creation of this instrument.

Use the modwheel for distortion and if you use the Kontakt version, please click the phone.

Made for Pianoday 2022.
Kontakt 5.0 or above and the Decent Sampler.

lofi Audio - the Pheunium walkthrough


Reviews for lofiAudio Pheunium

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  • Lovely idea - well executed

    This a fun idea, beautifully put together. It's nice to have the option to add distortion layers, but the bare-bones instrument is great and characterful as it is!

    johnparttimer22 April 2022
  • Perfect for what it is

    This is not only a unique sound, it's also very inspiring and very well-done! It's basically a lo-fi piano that sounds like it belongs in the long forgotten past. I definitely recommend it, and I suggest playing around with adding some extra depth to it - makes it very cinematic!

    Alex Raptakis24 April 2022