The story

I unfortunately tested positive for COVID December 29th and had to quickly go isolate. So fast that I was unable to stop by my studio to pick up some gear to kill the time before setting up camp at home. Once our isolation began I came to the amazing realisation that the rack we use to hang our clothes made a very particular sound when plucking a particular line. Fortunately our phones are very well equipped nowadays, and in the spirit of a couple of my previous sample instruments, I decided to record it, work some of RX 9’s magic on the sample and toy with it using Logic Pro. I should point out that Pro Tools is my go-to DAW and having to work in Logic because I had also not brought my iLok with me was very refreshing! In the wise words of a fellow composer who tested this instrument, the end result is “like a gamelan on crack”. I decided to lean on the grittiness of the original sample, hence the title, and added a few effects to spice things up a bit. Two versions of the original sample provide two separate sound sources, each controlled by a slider, alongside three control knobs for each sound source.


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  • just lovely

    emotional, inspirational and very initimate. from the gritty sound to the pure one, it sounds amazing when layering with chords of playing some calm melodies. using that a lot! awesome work, thanks very much.

    Sound by Sousa13 January 2022
  • Creative chimes!

    This is an incredibly nice instrument, with a unique idea, awesome sampling and super nice GUI. You can greatly alter the sound of the "chimes", making them unrecognizable, in a very good and creative way though.

    It's a little wierd that the volume of the two different sound sources are not placed along with their knobs to both save space and make more sense, but either way, the design is very, very cool!

    Cheers to Alejandro!

    Alex Raptakis17 January 2022
  • Ambient, LoFi textures

    This is what I'd consider a sort of useful toolbox VST that delivers a large variety of industrial-style chime sounds. The two sliders balancing between the two samples gives a huge amount of adjustment possibility and the tone and noise controls are welcomed to add a little more grit or finesse, as you prefer.

    This feels like it'll be great at adding a bit of texture on top of something else, or perhaps using in a soundscape sort of world. Nice job, thanks.

    Giles M24 May 2022