The story

I sampled a tiny part of my Les Paul!

The proces of creating this instrument started when I was thinking about creating something that I can use for corporate tracks. I really needed an electric guitar harmonics so I was planning to make a deep sampled instrument with velocities, pickup switch, etc. Then tried to make a quick test of how could it sound. Just sampled a 8 harmonic tones on my guitar casually. I loaded them into a Kontakt and then I realised that it sound pretty good and work very well for me! Sometimes things don’t have to be complicated and still work. I decided to leave it at that. I processed the sound in several ways to get more of this and saved into the different patches (clean, distorted, ambient, chorus and textures). And its done! Very simple instrument with no controls at all. But I believe you will enjoy it. The whole process of creating this took me a two hours.

Compatible with Kontakt 5.8 and newer.


Reviews for Les Paul Harmonics

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  • Great sound

    Really nice sampler. I love all the different choice of sounds.

    MelwoodSamplist 16 March 2023