The story

The Koshi Chimes is a small object creating huge landscape of sound when you “wiggle” it. It sounds beautiful and I wanted to sample it from the first moment my wife got it. The physical form of it didn’t make the recording easy. A rather small bamboo cylinder with 8 metal sticks and a stone on a rope inside. Making it hit just one tone at a time was quite a challenge 😉 I wanted to retain its randomness and unpredictability so I made 10 round robins for each tone – 5 low velocity and 5 high velocity ones. In the end I only used 7 of the instruments’ tones, as one of them had the base frequency very faint and higher harmonics too dominant.
The Kontakt instrument is otherwise very bare-bones. For the future, I’d like to make an option of better tuned version and the possibility to control the amount of glitchy notes. If I find a will to dive into it.
This is my first ever sampled instrument.


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